Leonard Lenny Mashavha

Non-executive director

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Non-executive director

Post Matric Qualification: Bsc Biochemistry, Hons (Biochemistry), Masters (Biochemistry)

Mr Lenny Mashavha started his career at the University of Stellenbosch as a Junior Lecturer in Biochemistry and Mathematics while busy completing his studies, He further continued in the same role as a Biochemistry Lecturer at the University of Pretoria were he also obtained his Master degree while also employed as a Scientific Researcher, Science Communicator as well a Bio-entrepreneurship IP Officer with the department of Science & Technology. He has since left academia for a corporate role in the pharmaceutical industry where he is currently serving as a Commercial, Marketing and Sales manager at Aspen pharmacare. He is currently studying a short time course in Business management with a future goal of registering and pursuing an MBA.