Visit to African countries

One of our biggest challenges in Africa is POVERTY. Statistics indicate that If you are a poor, female child currently attending school in a rural region you are far more likely to not be learning the critical skills, such as reading, writing and math due to limited or lack of resources. Rural areas in Africa are often characterized by poor or non-existent infrastructure and little or no provisions for other critical social services. This in turn negatively impacts the quality of education for rural-area children
African nations typically fall toward the bottom of any list measuring economic activity, such as income per capita or GDP per capita, despite a wealth of natural resources in our continent 22 out of 24 nations identified as having “Low Human Development”. Considering the significance of rural poverty across the continent, it should come as no surprise that rural schoolchildren are the most disadvantaged from a socioeconomic perspective when it comes to access to a quality education
There are however other skills and/or assistance that can be better offered to learners through partnership with Non-profit organizations like U-power Africa. Things like Self-concept, Role modeling, Career exposure, Mentorship and extra learning support materials