The catch them young project

The catch them young project is a project that will take student who are in grade 9. The idea is to groom them for the 3 years until they complete their grade 12. These students will be absorbed into a mentoring programme for 3 years. Starting from a younger age will ensure that the students are well informed about the careers they can go into. Emphasis on science and technology will be our main goals. These students will further be supplied with study materials to help with their studies. Peer tutoring programmes will be established to help them deal with their academic challenges and to help one another thereby igniting the spirit of the ‘power within’. Upower will further make sure that the students attend career Expos, career summits and conferences which are offered by other companies and organisations and which are relevant to their academic and career awareness growth.

 catch themyoug

The “catch them young project” Will be run across all 9 provinces in South Africa and below is a number of educational districts that will be covered. Our aim is to include schools from the different educational districts.