FAQ Page


What is Upower Africa?

Upower Africa is a Non-profit organisation registered with SARS and the Department of social development in terms of non- profit organisations act, 1997 (Act 71 of 1997)

How is Upower Africa funded?

Upower is completely dependent on personal funding from its members but funding and donation from elsewhere are welcome. Membership fee is also charged on those who wants to join the organisation and this funds are used for the different projects.

Who are Upower Africa members?

Upower member are consist of the CEO, Board members, executive member and provincial leader. Upower members are part time members employed on a completely voluntary basis.

Can I donate to Upower Africa?

Donation in a form of money or services is welcome. Other services that interested individuals can volunteer in are becoming team members in the different province in South Africa.

What issues does Upower Africa work on?

UPower’s primary objective is to uplift rural student and provide resources which are necessary to improve their academic performance and ensure admission to tertiary institutions.

How does Upower Africa choose the students they work with?

Upower targets schools in all the 9 provinces in South Africa and from 2 countries in Africa (Zimbabwe and Nigeria). We only work with schools that are in rural areas and previously disadvantaged background