of Upower


Our core values are to run a sustainable Organisation that will empower student through mentorship and a result driven attitude. At Upower Africa we are bound by integrity and transparency in all we do.

  • Sustainability

As Upower Africa we believe in the development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Our main projects have long term goals. That will ensure the sustainability of the organisation

  • Mentorship

High school graduation is an economic imperative in today’s global economy driven by knowledge and innovation. One of the key pressing challenges identified in the South Africa’s economy growth is the poor work readiness of young people leaving formal secondary and tertiary education and this is reducing the employability and work readiness of the youth. Student especially those in rural areas lack guidance in the field of careers they want to go through and therefore end up nowhere. Mentoring is a positive youth development strategy that supports a developing community. In response to these challenges, U-Power is implementing a Mentoring Programme that focuses on addressing Career awareness and academic mentorship across all field and industry in African school especially those in disadvantaged communities.

  • Empowerment

Upower strives to enhance the capacity of students that we work with to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. This is possible through our mentoring programmes and our peer tutoring project

  • Integrity

Upower is a whole and undivided organisation and all our work is based on honesty, honour, ethics, nobility, virtue, decency, fairness, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness and having strong moral principles. We do now associate with any political organisation but we are affiliated with Christianity belief and values.

  • Results

The organisation’s success is directly measured through the outcomes of each project. Our goal is to increase academic performance and admission of rural students into tertiary institutions

  • Transparency

The Organisation strives for transparency in everything we do. We are a team of people that also believe in accountability for every project and activity that the organisation undertakes

Upower mission

The mission of Upower is to: stimulate and nurture young people’s interest in education and help them to discover what they are good at. Provide support to educational programmes through mentoring programmes. To advocate for equal education between a rural and an urban-area learner, and to call the entire South Africa and other people of good will to go to these remote areas and support education projects.

Objective of Upower

Our main objective is to empower students in rural communities as young as grade 9 though mentoring programmes and provision of resources they require succeeding in their education. This in long term create better opportunities for them to access educational opportunities in high learning institutions